Over the Years of Writing it Down


Almost sunset so only a few more hours before kissing goodbye to December and another decade. I’m determined, by the skin of my teeth and a few hours, to maintain my record of not yet missing a month of posting at least something here.

I would have written more but for: computer problems, lack of discipline, lack of inspiration, laziness, existential questions about ‘what’s the point?’. You know – the usual. But I pay to maintain this blog – domain name, anti-hack security – enough that I don’t want to waste the $200 plus I just spent for another 2 year whirl around the dance floor. It’s a bit like taking a class so I feel compelled to periodically write.

The other day I ran into another blogger who lives locally and we discussed inactivity on our respective blogs. We agreed that we do enjoy it – the cyber community and the process of writing. Like right this very second — I feel good! The activity of ‘writing’ is mostly pleasurable for me and at the least, compelling. In parting, she and I committed to stepping it up and writing. (I can’t remember the timeline – but here I am, Susan – I look forward to yours!)

Recently I was speaking with my beloved sister. We speak often about everything and anything. She’s a great listener and asks thoughtful questions that land like stones in my often dull lake-mind, leaving ripples of insight long after we’ve hung up. Both of us have boxes of journals – the only place one might read what I’m sure is her stunning writing. Like I said, we talk about everything – including our inevitable demise. I asked her the other day what should be done with her journals when her number is up? Burn them – she said, somewhat to my disappointment. Too bad. I bet she’s got some great books in there.

It’s been a long time since I regularly kept a journal. Sometimes I might write down a dream but that’s about it. Sometimes I’ll randomly look at one. Here, I’ll do it now… (I walked to a shelf and randomly selected) a journal from 2001. Again, I randomly flipped open to something written while Neil and I were on an AA/Al-Anon recovery retreat for couples somewhere up the coast run by an inspiring priest – Father Mike C. (Oh, we did try hard for so many years!) What seems uncanny is how much the pages relate to my current ramble. From all the journals and all the pages I could have opened to, here’s where I landed:

“Julia Cameron, author of The Artists’ Way” was at the store the other day – and although I didn’t find her earth-shattering, her message is definitely a good one. And some simple exercises like writing 3 pages every morning and making an “artist’s date” with one’s self…. I have moved so far away from doing my work instead, chasing Neil and his addiction. And this was a choice. And one I no longer choose. It is that simple. I need to be on my own road now – back to finding that peace and joy and discovery I feel when I create. This is my prayer.”

Thank you Julia Cameron –  I guess you are ‘earth-shattering’ enough in the end! I confess to never really reading her – but I will now and get to those 3 pages. Here’s to closing out this decade and entering a new one with love and indeed, a prayer for a road of peace, joy and discovery for us all. Happy New Year! xxx

13 thoughts on “Over the Years of Writing it Down”

  1. Just want to reassure you that I am still reading, if this is the validation you seek in justifying the $200 expenditure, but also know, I read because I enjoy what you write. Happy New Year.

  2. You are a prince! I was not looking for that validation but I’ll take it, gratefully! Thank you!❤️

  3. Awe, keep writing . I really enjoy reading what u write, u r good at it. Best wishes for the never year. Happy writing. Thanks for that last book u gave me. I’m almost done it’s been a
    struggle finding the time to read, it’s really good. I’ve recommended it to a few of my friends.

  4. Yay, Tricia! Great post. I have read Julia Cameron’s book & appreciate it. I did write a post before the end of the year about books I read, so this is a terrific post to get something going for January. Thank you!

  5. Hi Tricia..I so enjoy reading your blogs..keep it going..you are doing great.. Happy New year to you & Mollie.. greetings from the West coast of..xx

  6. How I love your image of your sister’s insights like a stone leaving ripples in your mind. So evocative, so beautiful, so perfect! And you must encourage her NOT to burn her journals! You and I also spoke recently about the lack of activity on our blogs….disappointing, yes. But I sometimes think our journals will be what carries us forward…particularly in a world where words are largely digital and will disappear. After my mother died, I took many boxes of letters from her house. My sisters would have tossed them, but I wanted them. Some go back to the 1800’s, but the ones that comforted me, that I cherish, were to and from my mother and father and their parents. They brought to life all those beloved people and allowed me to know them in their youth – a side of them I’d never known. My dad, lonely and homesick in Germany in the army in the 50’s…. I felt so maternal, longing to comfort this young kid who became my father. I read someplace that history is defined and divined by what is left. So…..who knows what might be the ripples from your sister’s stones – or yours and mine for that matter! XXOO

  7. What a special gift you have Trish-you write beautifully-the more you experience in life the more you will be able to craft your experiences into words-it is such a wonderful mindful process❤

  8. Wishing you so much peace and inspiration for the coming year and decade, my dear Tricia. I, too, have been going through long phases of inactivity, creative blocks, and “what’s the point”. Please know that your presence is so very appreciated in the blogosphere and elsewhere in the virtual world. We need more souls like you sharing your gifts.

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