Building a Fire

I start with newspaper – usually the sports section although these days I can hardly bear to read any of it. Twisting the pages tight so they don’t spring apart, I line them up on yesterday’s ash. On top of this newsprint bed, I place a piece of beautiful fat-wood. At the start of the season a box of it mysteriously appeared at my door with no note and for days I quizzed people who might have sent it before finally tracking down the giver as my thoughtful, generous friend Laura. Right now I have cedar shingles as a bonus from the friend who has been giving me wood this season. They make for easy kindling, nice and dry and cracking easily into smaller pieces under my heel. Next I’ll teepee a few of the smaller logs from my woodpile. Making sure the damper is pushed all they way in, I strike a wooden match and set it to the paper. Leaving the door slightly ajar I wait, squatting in front of it to watch (and hope) it catches. Sometimes it’s slow going and doesn’t and I have to scrunch up more newspaper, shove another shingle bit in. I’ve figured out that it’s mostly about air, isn’t it? You have to have just enough to tease out the flames but not so much it blows the sparks out. Like life, isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Building a Fire”

  1. Yes, it’s all about creating space — in the wood
    stove, the human heart — wherever it may be! I love building fires, too — and have my own unwavering method — so enjoyed reading about yours.

  2. Keeping the fire is an amazingly comforting ritual for me. Thanks for this lovely description of your experience! By the way, in our house we call fat wood crack cocaine. 😉

  3. Tricia, I believe Maggie uses something like this in her home. You can share tips with each other.

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