No Words

Reflecting on loss and moving beyond sadness is a theme of my writing, of this blog. The passage of time since my own experience makes it possible for me to write of it. Today, drowning inĀ grief, I feel ill equipped.

Sandy Hook is not far from my home — less than half-an hour. Those parents are my neighbors. They are all of our neighbors.

The early news alert came to me as an email at work — a shooter now dead and one other adult also killed in a school. Terrible and crazy, I thought. So close and such an unlikely spot – an almost rural suburb compared to my city and other towns on the coast. I had not heard the full story yet and went about my morning. Less than an hour, news of the horror of the children’s deaths shifted everything inside of me to an impossible place. The intentional murder of children: unfathomable.

I know no words of wisdom on how to move beyond such loss. None exist.

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