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Summer Torpor Respite

Steamy-hot days seem to wilt everything but the weeds. What’s left of my vegetable garden is being swallowed by renegade grasses and the border of browning hostas and now-skeletal daylillies is barely visible behind pigweed and chokecherry. ┬áThe unruly mess … Continue reading

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Why I Hate Groundhogs

In a brief walk around my garden this morning, this is what I found: But most upsetting of all is this – That flash of green is his foot wrapped in gauze. To be fair, the groundhog responsible for Tetley … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning in the Neighborhood

What is it about Sundays? On my street, there is a divine tranquility, almost silence. Garage doors remain closed – no work today for my neighbors. Through the thick hedge, I can see the passing feet of the odd jogger … Continue reading

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Welcome Summer

Like clock-work, the heat cranked up, the clouds inflated into magical shapes, and the fireflies began their silent summer fireworks. Oh — and much to our dog Tetley’s dismay, ┬ádistant neighbors also started prepping for the dread explosions of July … Continue reading

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My Urban Small Town

Last week’s news in my Connecticut city included headlines like “Man Shot to Death”, “Woman Stabbed” along with the usual smattering of theft and drug arrests. Yet this morning I will join my neighbors at the Memorial Day Parade and … Continue reading

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