Why I Hate Groundhogs

In a brief walk around my garden this morning, this is what I found:

Nibbled Tomato Plant

Devoured Spinach

Decimated Gladiolus

Ravaged Black Eyed Susans

But most upsetting of all is this –

Wounded Tetley

That flash of green is his foot wrapped in gauze. To be fair, the groundhog responsible for Tetley having to wear this mortifying cone is dead. He killed 3 in one week. Not the beast of a rodent lurking around here for years, but smaller ones. A 4th adolescent (at least) has been brazenly loping about, teasing my brave hunter who throws himself against the screen door to get at him.

Not a banner garden year, as you can see. Between the weeds and the critters and some scorching days, I’ve lost heart. Not quite given up but certainly disheartened. I drove by a community garden yesterday – all neatly penned-in and bursting with health. How does your garden grow?

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4 Responses to Why I Hate Groundhogs

  1. Avatar linda Urbach says:

    Down with groundhogs! Bad, bad beasts.

  2. I’m lucky to have a fence around my garden, but creatures still get in occasionally. In my case, it’s the squirrels who drive me nuts – they eat the peaches and apples before they’re ripe, and then, realizing their mistake, they leave the half eaten remains lying around to attract wasps….grrrrr

  3. Avatar Tricia says:

    You have peaches!? Fantastic!

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