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I sell books. Selling houses, cars, clothing, even towels would earn me more money than books, but that stuff doesn’t stir my soul. Being a salesperson doesn’t come naturally to me but my love of reading allows me to convince myself it’s a good cause. Of course it helps that I sell mostly to teachers who have the mission of teaching kids to read. I know so many remarkable ones determined to mobilize the power of books to open minds and hearts. I’m lucky to tag along on their great work.

The perks of being a bookseller include a great discount and free advanced readers copies, ARCS – a sneak peek at soon to be published books. I’m just finishing The Buddha on Death Row: How One Man Found Light in the Darkest Place by David Sheff (also author of one of the finest books on addiction, Beautiful Boy). Sheff’s newest title is a blend of social justice and Buddhism – a good read in my quest to live life from a place of peace and love rather than fury. Jarvis Masters has managed to do this through meditation and Buddhism, while living on death row in San Quentin. For 30 years and still today, this Black man has been denied a fair hearing and remains on death row for a crime he did not commit. Yes, more fuel to take to the streets.

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I look to books to help me be a better person, to explain the world. And it makes my heart sing to report that I am not alone: last week, bookstores across the country sold out of  books on racism. Take a look at the New York Times non-fiction bestseller list transformed into a veritable what-to-read to know How to Be an Antiracist – my next read. What are you reading?

**In support of #BlackoutBestsellerList and #blackpublishingpower, we are encouraged to purchase two books by Black writers between June 14 – June 20. (Happy to recommend titles!)**




9 thoughts on “Temporarily Out of Stock”

  1. And you know I was thinking of you and your team – including those who have moved on from it – I still think of you as a ‘team’ for truth!

  2. Tricia, you truly captured the essence of book love: “I look to books to help me be a better person, to explain the world.” And the news you shared is fabulous. I’m currently reading Frank X Walker, an amazing writer from my home state. Glad to hear that lots of these books are temporarily out of stock. ~Terri

  3. While not compulsively checking my news feed and cowering from Covid, I am reading The Splendid and The Vile and cowering from nightly bombing raids of London. I feel oddly connected with history these days…Thanks for the list of recommendations once I move on from WW II. Hugs to you Tricia! XXOO

  4. Hello. I’m reading Dear Life, by Alice Munro. It’s a collection of stories, some of which seem better to me than others. In some of them, characters’ actions seem inadequately explained. I guess I’m not in the mood for guessing why people do what they do. By the way, I’m about to follow your blog. Take care.

    Neil Scheinin

  5. And I’ve followed yours and look forward to getting cyber acquainted. I have Dear Life and made it half way through before abandoning it for no particular reason I can remember although I appreciate her fine writing. Thanks Neil!

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