Filling Emptiness

I woke from a dream somewhere in France to thinking about the blank page. I spent years studying, thinking about, staring at empty spaces – canvas, paper, blocks of wood and stone. Waiting for magic. Whether working from a live model, landscape or still life, I rarely made a mark until I felt the piece inside me, with a sense the mark, the chisel stroke, I made was already there. I aspired to this state of creativity but sometimes I was lazy or distracted and worked mechanically, just ‘making’ shape, light, dark with shallow results. But working from a deeper state – sometimes called ‘flow’, my teacher called ‘being’, resulted in my strongest work. Writing, I realize, is no different. What interests me is is still what comes from deep within. The mechanical difference for me is that I cannot stare at pages or my computer screen, waiting for words to appear. With writing I must dive in and start. Still, the meditative state is key. And these days, with this practice, I’m finding it easier to carry with me throughout the day like a sweet secret. This is the closest I come to a spiritual practice – writing begins to feel like a kind of prayer.

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2 Responses to Filling Emptiness

  1. A particularly nice post!

  2. I think of it as being in the zone…..and time literally becomes meaningless. Your sense of carrying that creative spark within like a sweet secret is lovely. I think it implies coming to life as an artist, of any of the kinds you have been before, with your antennae swiveling, attentive to all the wonders and nuances it is so easy, too easy, to breeze past. It’s a gift to have that awakened and restored. XXOO

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