The Plot

A rain-free Saturday so I went to check out the plot I’d signed up for at our city’s community garden because there’s not enough sun at my place and I like the idea. Community. And dirt. It’s windy with gusts moving clouds through the sky so fast that one moment it looks like it’s about to rain and the next, the sun is bright.

My plot is in a lower field that right now is very very very wet. Please note puddle behind me. (thanks, Judith, for the great snap!) And it’s wet where I’m standing too. Lucky I wore my rubber boots because the water is over my ankle in places. When I’d imagined my little garden-to-be I envisioned a nice raised bed in need of a little soil and compost. Ha! It was a shoulder high weave of thick weeds. (to my right is the plot before) After attempting to yank and pull the plants out, I recalled the joys of lasagna gardening. I went home and retrieved cardboard and all those newspapers I was telling you about. I filled a few bags with the leaves I’d raked against the hedge in a bern and drove back to the garden. I spread the paper and a layer of leaves, (I should have brought more – please note the exposed cardboard still left to do) and then compost and some soil. There are more layers to add but it looks good, don’t you think?

Navigating the wheelbarrow full of mulch and soil through the thick puddles of mud was a challenge. I had to pull, not push, the wheelbarrow through the worst of the muck. It was quite a sight. Especially when one foot got stuck quicksand style and I almost landed on my ass. So close! I knew it was time to quit. Still, not a bad days work, eh?

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6 Responses to The Plot

  1. Avatar cynthia says:

    What a great photo of you–so nice to see you!

  2. Avatar jcareyreads says:

    We are attempting a garden this year. I can’t wait to see how your garden grows. We have a community garden down the street from us, on our walking path. I love to watch the evolution through the seasons.

  3. Avatar Tricia says:

    The girls will love it! I remember that Molly ate peas and beans so happily out of the garden when she was your girls’ ages. Look forward to following your too!

  4. Farmer Tricia! You did such good work despite the daunting opening. Love the photo! You look so bring-it-on! XO

  5. Avatar Elissa says:

    Fabulous project! Enjoy!

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