A Waking Ramble

In moments of almost-waking what a stream of images I recall! Sometimes a kind of story line with drama, emotion and characters. What’s going on in there? Where is this stuff coming from? Our subconscious is wild. Don’t worry, I will not tell you about my dream. Other people’s dreams are not interesting.

I did clock some hours with a therapist who found dreams rich fodder and asked me to remember and tell her mine. During those months I got pretty good at recall and would write them down but I am lazy about trying to interpret them. I just wanted her to do it and give me my insights. We are the author of our dreams, she would say. In fact, I rarely remember mine and since I stopped seeing her, I don’t much. But there’s no doubt, there’s a lot going in the night and it’s not a bad idea to cultivate value. At the very least, the freedom and imagination.

As if I were in a new exercise regimen noting my slimming and strengthening body (that’s next!) there are changes I see in just 4 days of this practice. Room has been made in my psyche that was previously filled with mostly thoughts about work or worry or food. I don’t want to jinx a good thing so I’ll stop there.

But the richness of slumber and how to roll into wakefulness without shutting out the crazy creativity, imagination, memories, spirit of those sweet hours of being checked-out of this world. Where do we go when we close our eyes to sleep?

2 thoughts on “A Waking Ramble”

  1. Interesting reflections! When I do remember dreams, which isn’t often, I say to Dave, “You’re a psychologist! What does this mean?” His take is always that they’re but “debris of the day.” I’m unsatisfied by that and wish they held more import. As sleep is often elusive for me, the half-awake state is intriguing too…although lately – given my West Wing obsessive binge-watching – I find myself holding heated mental “conversations” wit hTrump supporters. This is NOT conducive to a snoozy slide into sleep! XO

  2. What wonderful thorough read you’ve given me, my dear! Your comments are always so rich. Thank you. xxx

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