Most of all the Light

The light of Spring thrills me as does the scent of hyacinth, the jolly daffodils and softening fractals of  tree branches in bud. But this morning, propped up against my pillows not yet ready to get out of bed, I basked in the abundance of morning sun and decided that most of all – it’s the light I love. The sky is clear of clouds so my bedroom will be bright all day right up until 12 hours from now when it will shift to the other windows in golden angles before slipping into night.

My garden is slowly waking up. From beneath the brown of leaves and winter detritus are leeks I planted last year – through the winter they stood skinny green spears enveloped by snow- now thickening enough that I might get a soup or two out of them. There are two perfect, bright little bouquets of parsley. Grape hyacinth area scattered across the lawn. My peach trees are positively pregnant with buds and for the first time in years it looks like I’ll have an abundance of lilacs – judging from what look like teeny bunches of grapes at the tips of the branches.

Spring brings such possibility, doesn’t it? I’ll plant a garden again this year – although last year I barely harvested a tomato, the chard never appeared, nor sunflowers. But I’ll still try again because I like that there’s a chance. With nature, there’s always a chance. She is my guide and comfort. Hang in there through darkness and we’ll get to the light.  Enjoy the warmth.

5 thoughts on “Most of all the Light”

  1. Oh, I love this piece! The image of you propped on pillows, basking in sunlight, reflecting on blossoms and the promise of spring! Happiness! Also, your closing lines are so uplifting and true – thank god for the beauty, cycles, resilience, and lessons of nature. And light! Oh what a difference it makes! So loved seeing you! XXOO

  2. Lovely post. Spring out here has been more brutal than winter though, with some long, cold rains. But the blossoms and flowers have also been beautiful. Good to hear your voice again.

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