More on Burning Wood

This winter, I’ve been heating my house primarily by my new wood stove. My oil furnace is so ancient, it was a finalist (alas – not the winner!) in an ‘oldest furnace’ contest run by a local oil company. First prize was free installation of a new furnace. Mine is as old as I am but still was beat out by an even more impressive monster in someone’s basement.

While inefficient, my oil furnace is reliable and a new one would cost more than I want to go into debt for. Instead I spent half as much on a wood stove and feel good relying a little less on the fuel-oil roller coaster.

I have a friend who lets me have wood for free so every few weeks, I load up my Subaru. I like the exercise of carrying and stacking. Nights, I savor the gulp of frigid air when stepping out onto the porch to retrieve another log then back into the warmth to stoke the flames. The gentle lapping sounds and flickering glow make for sweet company. The rising warmth slowly sweeps upstairs so even my bedroom is toasty by time I climb between the sheets to sleep. The sheets I dry on my clothesline also featured in the photo above. Just call me pioneer woman.

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  1. Avatar cynthia says:

    I love fires and clotheslines–maybe because tending them demands a slower pace, a chop wood-carry water way of being in the world, the task insisting you be present in a way that flipping a wall switch or pushing a dryer button does not. Maybe it’s a good thing you didn’t win that contest : )

  2. Avatar Tricia says:

    You’re right! Walking a dog too — I think that’s why I’ve had such a hard time without mine.

  3. Avatar Lea Sylvestro says:

    Cozy, wonderful images, beautifully evoked. I love the photo too. Dave has a thing about hanging laundry – both doing it and photographing it. We have more pictures of people’s sheets and shirts! XO

  4. We have a wood burning stove too. It doesn’t seem to throw the heat like yours does but Bruce and the cat seem to especially enjoy it. (I’m in the living room mesmerized by our new Smart TV and Netflix!) So glad to read your words again.

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