A Summer Sunday Morning

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I love the light of a Summer morning, remarkable through the greens and yellows of the trees. And the sounds, different on a Sunday. While not visible from here, the noise from I-95  is constant at this hour, just a hum from a stream of mostly cars with rare moments of quiet when no one seems to be passing. So much anonymous humanity passing.  Going or leaving home? So many imagined stories vibrating through the trees.


A cool breeze blows and for a moment, feels almost Autumnal. As if on cue, a Mourning Dove coos – a sing-song call of melancholy as Summer days disappear, the sun shifting closer towards the opposite end of earth. I used to feel desperate when the warmth and light began this slip away but have grown to appreciate the change. I don’t like being cold and prefer the light to dark – but savor the warmth of my home, the fireplace and longer hours to read and reflect. There’s something about the warmer months that makes me feel like I must DO. And I like DOing nothing quite a bit. Well, not exactly nothing – but sedentary things like reading and writing. Winter is good for that.

Summer is a time to get things done outside and we’ve been productive around here recently. Four trips to the dump last weekend, taking away piles of rotting wood and leaves that sat in corners of our yard for too long. It’s been dry, so there’s always watering to be done – a task I enjoy. And my Zinnias are lovely.


From where I sit now, I look past cluttered table (remember – it’s a good time for outside tasks!) to 3 windows. To my left I look out at a new Hydrangea planted last weekend. Straight ahead, onto our little porch and the laundry line. A perfect day for drying clothes in the sun – the air dry and fresh. I’ll get a load in soon. We’re just high enough to catch a breeze and so many trees surround us that we have our own little microclimate a few degrees cooler than anywhere else in the neighborhood. To the right, out the living room window I see a branch of the Butterfly bush that could use a good session of deadheading and through the canopy of leaves, a patch of still Summer sky.



11 thoughts on “A Summer Sunday Morning”

  1. The views outside your windows sound lovely! I admire your green thumb — your zinnias are indeed very pretty — perfect in their simple vase. I like how you phased “DOing nothing “” — I share that sentiment of enjoying sedentary activities. Enjoy the waning days of summer.

  2. My thumb is very pale green – my garden is mostly anemic. Just lucky with the zinnias this year!

  3. One of the aspects of Moldova I’ve enjoyed the most is the changing seasons. Being California born and raised, my body never had a chance to align with the earth’s rhythm. Looking forward to Ohio and keeping tuned to that cycle.

  4. You just gave me another reason to like Winter – thinking of it as aligning with earth’s rhythm! Lovely.
    So you’re landing in the ‘Buck-eye’ state! Good luck with transitions. Exciting.

  5. Lovely reflections and the photo of the laundry on the line is phenomenal. Dave has a thing about hanging laundry out to dry, both the process and the image. We have many photos of other people’s laundry from around the world! I too have loved this beautiful summer, but you are right about the doing – it feels indolent (if that’s the right word) to be inside on such days and I am usually ready for fall when it comes. XXOO

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