Roads Not Taken – Yet

2013-09-28 14.28.53Every college campus should have a spot like this. A path to ponder, a place to dream. To walk towards the horizon with nothing but sky ahead. No limits. Anything is possible. The world is yours. All that.

As a college student, I often came to this very hill, a short distance from my dormitory. Decades and a lifetime of adventures later, I visit my freshman daughter here. And this road in the clouds still evokes the questions: Where to? What next?

2013-09-28 14.21.08

We came to look at the cows. R loves cows.

2013-09-28 14.20.22

Tetley remained ambivalent. Not even a bark.

2013-09-28 14.22.12

I know, I just wrote here about my new-found attraction to the city as a place to grow old – but hey, it’s not time for that yet. Back home I searched the real estate sites to look at houses and land in that part of the state. There’s  still relatively inexpensive places to be had. With space for cows.

7 thoughts on “Roads Not Taken – Yet”

  1. I didn’t realize Molly went to your college!!! How lovely to have that sense of legacy and continuity…and to be able to go back and visit more often! I LOVE your pictures – they are beautiful!!! Like paintings. Open sky….I so love trees and our wooded surroundings, but there is a life to the spirit and wide skies…and the path that meets them! XXOO

  2. Another cow lover, great 🙂 The first photo is gorgeous. Did your daughter choose it because you went there or is it local? Thinking about college (or uni as people call it here) makes me want to go back and do it all again…in a totally different subject. Well, maybe not for 3 years! I’ve started taking short courses to expand my brain instead.

  3. I agree on the different subject business – me too. It seems crazy that we are expected to have our life blueprint settled when we’re barely 20! She chose it because it’s a good and competitive State school – thus much less expensive than private ones. Crazy prices! Good for you on the courses!

  4. Lovely photo of clouds and green hill. Think about a blog navigation widget in your sidebar to make it easier for a blog troll like me to look around.
    Unless I just didn’t see it and it’s there. This has happened.;-)

  5. Thanks for the look and feedback. I need the nudge to keep up on the widgets, gadgets and whatnots available on WP – find it all somewhat bewildering. But will take your advice and figure it out on this one!
    Nice to have connected and I look forward to following your continued adventures. (how’s your French?)

  6. French! Don’t talk to me about French.

    Actually it’s MUCH better now. There’s nothing like opening a French bank account and buying a car from people who speak zero English to force it to get better fast. We study and practice every day. I hate it when I hear a French CHILD speak French so well. And with such a fine accent, too. Even the babies here speak better French than me.;-)

  7. Ugh – I remember that. Even after more than 3 years of living in Japan, kindergarten children read better than me. What can we do? Diminishing brain cells! But you’re on track to keep them going – I’m sure it’s terrific and your kids will be bilingual – what a gift that is.

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