Groundhog Wars Commence

The groundhog is lurking and ravenous as ever.  A mysterious volunteer has appeared (does anyone know what this is?) next to the asparagus bed and it must be something good since the bastard has already been munching on it.

Groundhog Deterrent

We’re trying a new trick this year and it seems to be working: pinwheels. Apparently woodchucks are frightened by shiny, moving things. (Old CDs strung up with fishing line might also work ) So far, so good – these plants are recovering nicely and have yet to be munched on since we set up the spinning sentinels. Yesterday, we visited the dollar shop and loaded up on American flag pinwheels for our own  version of homeland security.

2013-04-28 08.33.48

Newly planted pea seedlings are pushing through the dirt and a few random bonus patches of lettuce, chard, cilantro and other herbs are emerging from last year. With a fresh layer of topsoil to cover the crumble of leaves ignored last autumn and we’re ready for planting.

For over a decade now, bastard (I’m sure it’s the same one) has been decimating my lettuce, soybeans (a groundhog favorite) broccoli, cucumber, squash – you name it. And every spring, in spite of my previous heartbreaks, I plant again. I refuse to give in to the bastard. For me, it’s become not as much about my wish to harvest vegetables as it is about not giving up.  The garden as a metaphor of hope. Worth fighting for.

5 thoughts on “Groundhog Wars Commence”

  1. GIve up, you will lose. Ask your Cousin Brian how I beat him and he was much more aggressive in his attempts to drive me off. So, Just leave the veggies alone and walk away so no one get hurt. And while you are at the store, get me some edamame…

  2. Hmmm, I can imagine how you felt reading my “Woodchuck Dilemma” piece about SAVING a woodchuck. You and Dave would be on the same team. While I coo at each spring’s litter of three fuzzy babies, he’s muttering violent threats. It IS disheartening to lose flowers to woodchucks and deer and voles and slugs year after year….sigh. About a decade ago I had a beautiful English garden, but the hordes took care of that and I haven’t had the heart to really try again. I always feel a little guilty planting some poor unsuspecting green thing in this yard of Sure Death. XO

  3. Hehehee, I am watching things grow,
    hehehee, I see the plot nicely hoed,
    lettuce, chard, cilantro and herbs, yum,
    soybeans, broccoli, squash, and cucumber,
    All the things I will eat while you slumber…
    Hehehee, all these things I will eat with Glee!

    Pass the edamame…

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