A Lesson in Relaxation at Half-Price

I know I’ve mentioned before that indulging does not come easily to me. I wonder if it is an Irish thing? Or Catholic or a class phenomenon?  Maybe if I had lots of money, I’d think less of spending $100-plus to make myself feel good. But maybe not. Still, I’d have to carve out the time to get pampered. That’s what’s hard for me — there’s so much else to do, so much else that’s needed… and that little voice says, “really?” I suspect it’s genetic. My sister shares this quality and we sometimes discuss it.  I recall proudly giving my mother a gift certificate for a spa treatment only to see it gather dust on her cluttered dresser past expiration. But I’m determined to reform and this is easier at half-price.

Recently I took advantage of such a deal from  Born of Earth where Heidi gave me a magical massage.  We began the session chatting pleasantly, (Something else I feel compelled to do — like I need to entertain the person working on me while they probably want me to shut up and just get on with it.) but after a few minutes, Heidi wordlessly silenced me. Her power – her ability to converse through her hands with a sense of healing beyond language. With her first touch she found the clench and ache of twisted muscles tucked beneath shoulder blades and running along my spine.

When my hour was up I floated out of the salon to my car where I sat for a few moments feeling too inebriated to drive. A lesson beautifully learned and next time, I’ll even spring for full price.

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3 Responses to A Lesson in Relaxation at Half-Price

  1. Avatar Eileen McGrory says:

    Oh did you ever nail it on the head Tricia! It certainly is a guilt feeling …being good to ourselves. Irish? Catholic? Whatever. Fortunately I have learned to overcome it. Yeah! Advice….”Be good to yourself!”

  2. Avatar admin says:

    Thanks for the validation, Eileen. It is crazy, isn’t it?

  3. I’m just the same. The self-pampering is the first thing to go when I’m stressing about something. Thanks for reminding me to do something lovely for myself this weekend.

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