Working III

It’s hard to believe that Tupperware parties still exist. My cabinets over-flow with reusable containers from takeout meals. They are perfect to use for left-overs and were free. So why buy tupperware? But people do. According to this radio spot I heard on NPR this morning, Tupperware remains a booming business. I confess, this broadcast made selling it sound a little bit fun. “Maybe I could do that,” I confess thinking for the briefest moment.

After all, I am a sucker for kitchen gear. I particularly appreciate having just the right tool: the slotted spoon,  the pasta claw, a really good garlic press, the deep pyrex dish for my panade. If I sold Tupperware I could be self-employed and perhaps so successful at hawking the stuff, I’d win a car.

Who am I kidding? This is not how I want to earn money. No offense to anyone who might be involved in this business, but I cannot imagine going to a company convention where people dress up like Dolly Parton. Definitely not my style.

Then again, college payments are in my near-future. It sure wouldn’t hurt to supplement my income… and those green little green containers are just right for left-over hummus.

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