Closing the Door on 2011

2011 was not a very momentous year for me. No significant beginning or ending, no major success or failure. No psychic (or otherwise) wound or scar to mark the passing of these 12 months. Except for a lingering rotten cold I breathe easy, grateful for the undramatic passing of another year. At least for me.

An alarming number of my women friends are closing out their year with fat medical files. Fucking cancer. I think they all have a heightened sense of  ‘Carpe Diem’, although none needed any karmic reminders about seizing the day. Their lives are rich and packed with love, good work and play. As with any disease, there is nothing fair about this one. But the year ends with my friends as victors: treatments done and clear results!

Seeing their battles, this up-close look at mortality, gives me a heightened attentiveness to life, a reminder, and an inclination to take to the rooftops shouting about the importance of maintenance. Consider this that shout. Get those uncomfortable check-ups and make sure they are thorough. (Insist on a trans-vaginal exam to check out your ovaries – a pap test is not enough!)

My friends’ struggles motivated me to finally take care of the medical assignments given to a 50 plus year old. I even got the genetic testing my oncologist had bugged me about for the last 7 years. Joyfully negative on all and good news to pass along to my daughter. I would have dealt with whatever came my way – I’m not sure how – but I would have dealt as my dear friends have this year and as I have before.

Best wishes for a very healthy Year of the Dragon.

3 thoughts on “Closing the Door on 2011”

  1. Indeed this has been a mementous year and a r eminder that women always have something else to do and need to put themselves first once in awhile! The Year of the Dragon – i love that, danger, fire and strength. So glad that you are my friend. Only the best to you and to all of us for a healthy and happy new year.

  2. Trisha, Spoken like a true survivor! Your words speak volumes for me and many. Iappreciate you, your kind words and always well written….finished my treatments right before Christmas so i truly rang in the new year with hope and a deeper appreciation for living each day ….

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