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Days at the Beach

Although the calendar reads February the weather has been mild and when I leave work, the sky is still bright. Aching to move and fill my lungs with fresh air, I have been walking at the beach. Following the sidewalk … Continue reading

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More on Burning Wood

This winter, I’ve been heating my house primarily by my new wood stove. My oil furnace is so ancient, it was a finalist (alas – not the winner!) in an ‘oldest furnace’ contest run by a local oil company. First … Continue reading

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Building a Fire

I start with newspaper – usually the sports section although these days I can hardly bear to read any of it. Twisting the pages tight so they don’t spring apart, I line them up on yesterday’s ash. On top of … Continue reading

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Showing Up

How to explain my silence? I’d lost my voice. My excuses were: the election dismayed me, retail work during the crazy holiday season exhausted me. The longer I went without writing, the more I lost that muscle. Since my dear … Continue reading

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Caution – Danger Ahead

This is an excerpt from my memoir The Things We Cannot Change: From my window, rooftops are visible against a ribbon of the almost-green trees muting the incessant drone of the highway. Everything appears serene and lovely this early spring … Continue reading

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Dark Season

Just a week ago we set the clocks back an hour. I’m not crazy about this time switching. Sometimes I pass ¬†all my hours in a windowless office with barely a glimpse of nature’s light. Those are sad days. The … Continue reading

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Bird Quarrels and Peace

Last weekend, ferocious winds blew in a taste of winter. Bright and sunny with cold gusts that turned the leaves inside out and off their branches. I took my cue to get my winter nest ready and washed and aired … Continue reading

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Crazy Lies

I lie to my dentist. Isn’t that crazy? My dentist asks ‘Problems with any of your teeth?’ while poking at fillings with the creepy metal hook. I can’t speak with someone’s hand in my mouth. I answer with a negative … Continue reading

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Back on the Bike

I bought these sweet wheels at a tag sale for $50 (with a basket!) in early summer and $30 for a very unflattering helmet. I wish I could tell you that I regularly made the 5 mile roundtrip to the … Continue reading

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There are a million things to do around my house and corner lot. This summer Molly and I focused on cathartically clearing out decades of ¬†debris from our basement and garage and ignored the ragged hedge. It went wild. Last … Continue reading

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