On the Water

gorgeous Sound

We get to the beach early, landing a parking spot right next to the kayak launch spot. Molly hauls our boats to the shore and I ferry the life jackets, paddles and water bottles. Within 20 minutes of leaving our house we are floating on the Long Island Sound.

As we push into the heaving tide my mind-muddle of to-do tasks is left on shore. At high tide our usual spits of land and sandbars that inspire lazy paddling, were nowhere to be found so we head to a more distant island with an inviting empty beach. This stretch can feel like Grand Central Station at rush hour on a sunny weekend day but in the morning, there are only a few oyster boats probably out before the sun. We have a few hours before motorboats with loaded beer coolers begin tearing through the water and we savor the quiet, only the lapping waves and sea-bird shrieks.

me on grassy island

Terns and gulls swoop across the sky. The rhythm of paddling returns even after a year. Pushing through the water feels good. Molly is usually ahead of me because she’s younger and stronger but also because I periodically pause to just float, my plastic boat bobbing, the morning sun warming my bare legs and arms. When I open them again, Molly is near the island. I straighten up and paddle hard to catch up with her.

Me and my gal

We pull onto the sandy beach. This island is city owned – it’s possible to camp here and the thought of sleeping on this patch of wild in the water has appeal – an easy getaway with only nature’s luxuries. For now we are happy to unpack the fruit and coffee we carried with us. We sit on our towel and marvel at the beauty until we are discovered by horseflies. To escape their nasty bites, we strip to our bathing suits and make our first plunge of the season. I am not much of a swimmer, but there is something about that deep breath and dunking into the muffled, other-world of underwater that shifts my brain immediately into vacation mode. My summer baptism.


13 thoughts on “On the Water”

  1. Oh yes!!!! Summer baptism, indeed. I’ve found the water tolerable for my “baptism” this season even earlier…..not the bone-chilling cold I’m usually met with…..reminiscent of July in Misquamicut. THAT was cold. So glad we got to see you both before we launched right after you. Hope you and lovely Molly enjoy many “yachting” adventures this summer! xoxo

  2. Thank you! Yes — we feel so lucky. I hope you have a similar local slice of paradise to enjoy while we all stay close to home. xxx

  3. Thanks, Gabi. We are! In our little cocoon – glad for good company and all the essentials. Feel very lucky. Have you ventured out on your kayak this year?

  4. Such a lovely, get-away piece. You take me with you, and I love the pictures of you and Molly! What a wonderful way to put the mind whirl aside for a time. XXOO

  5. We’ve been spending more time at the beach in the last few weeks and the change of scenery has been just as you describe- the perfect relief for these crazy and uncertain times.

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