Enough IS Enough

Christmas tree

Today I assessed the gifts I’ll be giving for Christmas. Laid out across my bed in little piles by person – most for my daughter, a few things for siblings who will visit on Christmas day, and another  group for dear friends, it looked paltry. Especially Molly’s pile. I imagined them wrapped and under the cute little tree we bought the other other day and thought, “There’s not enough!” and off I went out into the fray to buy more stuff.

I know better. Molly doesn’t care. We’re more of a team than ever, working together on saving pennies where we can. There’s a year and a half left to get her through college. We’re scraping the bottom of the barrel of funds I’ve saved. She knows that. Still, I’m insecure about my ability to deliver on Christmas. Why? It’s ridiculous, I know. My kid is 20. She works. My family and friends work. We are all adults. It’s nice to get and receive things but none of it is necessary. Still, some mother-gene in me cannot imagine disappointing my daughter.

But then I really think about it. I think gratefully about how we all have roofs over our heads, good food to eat. How fortunate we are to flick a switch for light, turn a tap for water. How lucky we are that no one is bombing us. The little piles on my bed (slightly bigger after my outing) are enough.  We have enough and that really IS enough.

Enjoy your holiday! (and give books!) xxx

14 thoughts on “Enough IS Enough”

  1. I struggle with this every year. We DO have enough, but any attempt I make to to cut back on gift-giving is greeted with bewilderment. Actually, my kids are fine with it — it’ the older people in my life, who so enjoy the ritual. I just counted the people on my Christmas list and it totals 32 relatives and friends (not including my husband — we have agreed not to do gifts, just to plan something fun int he coming year). Even though none of the gifts I buy are extravagant, it’s still a lot of stuff.

  2. What lovely thoughts on how much is enough? I too am knee deep in college tuition mode and thankfully my son does not expect expensive Christmas gifts — he will be getting a few books, as are the others in my life! I wish you a lovely and loving Christmas with your friends and family!

  3. Thank you for this reminder that enough is enough. Though the little kid in me wants to give and receive presents. Love those presents. (I know I’m materialistic etc.) Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family. And yes, on giving the books. The Horse by Wendy Williams is a wonderful history of the evolution of horses that you might enjoy because it takes you to awe. I’m also loving American Copper by Shann Ray. (Not that you were asking for book suggestions.)

  4. Thanks for that – although I won’t take full credit for her wisdom – she seemed to come with her own!

  5. Tricia, you’e so right! It’s easy to get carried away. But it sounds like you and your daughter are totally simpatico. That’s wonderful! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year … filled with lots of books! 🙂 ~Terri

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