Creature Update

The complaint is always that Spring is short – sometimes only days of freshness before the temperature sky rockets into Summer. I am not moaning. Nature does its thing magnificently and I feel exhilarated by the shift out of winter whenever it happens. Mornings are now a pleasure of light and bird song.

A quick walk with Rufus just as the sun begins to light up the street. He tugs the leash to reach his preferred corner of the hedge where he lifts a leg not noticing the chipmunk scurrying off into the wood pile. To my right I see a rabbit on the patchy lawn. They’re all over the place this year and seem very bold lingering like house cats on lawns in the neighborhood, their marble eyes almost haughty as we draw closer. Just try and catch me, they seem to say before turning to flash their cute white tail. No chance with this dog who’s no bigger then they are. The ground hogs are laying low so far this year although Molly spotted one she thinks lives below our back deck.

It’s the birds that thrill me most. My favorites are the catbirds – the crazy songs they come up with. And the wrens are sweet- so teeny with such an earnest song. A family returns every year to the same back corner where we once had a house for them – since rotted away. There are too many trees for a good vegetable garden here but it’s a bird paradise.

Rufus is obsessed with the squirrels. Included in our morning ritual, post early walk, feeding, quiet time for me and then up again to start the day, while I’m making my food for the work day, I put him out on the lead in front. At the door he turns into a screaming little banshee, so crazed to get out to chase the squirrels. He leaps off the porch and scrambles up between the trees, barking, barking, barking. I’ve asked the neighbors if he disturbs them and they say no – perhaps too kind to complain – but I’ll take it. It’s usually only a few minutes of crazy joy as he watches the many squirrels, my peach and pear thieves, scurry and chase each other through the branches and away from the annoying little dog. He will always try but never catch them.


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7 Responses to Creature Update

  1. I’m an enormous fan of catbirds, too. Great post!

  2. Avatar J.D. Riso says:

    The sweet return of spring. The rabbits are always my favorite.

  3. Avatar Tricia says:

    Not quite your nature wonderland though!

  4. Avatar Lea Sylvestro says:

    I so enjoyed this vicarious walk with you and Rufus! And I LOVE the birdsong too. Dave always wants to put on SONOS and say, I’d rather just listen to the birds for now. And those catbirds are amazing – such range! XXOO

  5. Rufus would like the squirrel family that lives in the building next to mine—-it was abandoned after a fire and the wildlife is slowly taking over. I’m pretty sure squirrels deliberately tease our pets….

  6. Avatar Robert R Green says:

    I enjoy my daily adventures with my dog, Sparky, each day. He is fascinated by the way birds fly. He would never hurt one though. Tricia did I ever tell you our family dog, when I was a child, was named Rufus?

  7. Avatar Tricia says:

    It’s a great name. Sparky is good too! Thanks for reading.

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